How to take the survey
Important points to note before starting your survey:
  1. Make sure you 'save and return' regularly or you could lose your work if your server times out
  2. There are 14 parts to the survey. Each part begins on a new page and you can click 'Proceed' or 'Back' to move between parts
  3. If you want to start planning offline, please email download the PDF or Word version of the survey

How to start

  1. Click 'Take the survey'
  2. Enter your email address and click proceed
  3. Choose a password (this will need to be something memorable so you can log back in and edit your survey responses)

How to edit your survey responses

  1. Log in through 'My survey' using your email address and password
  2. Click 'Edit booking'
  3. You will then be taken through to 'Booking details'
  4. Click 'Edit' on the right hand side
  5. Remember to save before you log out again

How to submit your completed survey

  1. Click 'Proceed' on part 14, this will take you to 'Booking details'
  2. Click 'Proceed' again
  3. Your survey is complete
  4. Your survey must be complete and submitted online by 8 February 2012

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